If you need a couple dozen IT'S-ITs for your Memorial Day barbecue, you could now get them in bulk at Costco in Northern California as well as multiple other locales. SFGate got the news via Costco's Facebook page, though it seems as though the ice cream sandwiches may have been available there for a little while.

Company spokesperson Lana Shamia tells SFGate that the sandwiches have sporadically been available at Costco in the past, but now they're being more widely sold there. It's unclear which Bay Area locations will stock them, and it may not, in fact, be all of them.

In all, IT'S-IT will now theoretically be found in Costco stores in Northern California, San Diego, Texas, Washington, Oregon, New Mexico, Nevada, Arizona, Colorado, Utah, Louisiana, Alaska, Montana, and Idaho.

As a promotion, Costco is also giving away an assorted dozen to four lucky IT'S-IT fans. All you have to do is "like" this Facebook photo and tag two friends in the comments who live in any of the areas where the sandwiches are being sold.

Don't know what IT'S-ITs are or why this is a big deal? Please enjoy SFist's history lesson about these SF-born treats.

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