Lake Tahoe residents are sick of all the tacky graffiti scrawled and scratched on the area's beautiful rocks — and some of them are fighting back.

ABC 7 reports on a Facebook group called the Tahoe Vandalism Removal Squad (!) whose sole mission is to eradicate the existence and proliferation of these blights.

"It's not funny to us. If you have artistic ability, perhaps you need to go find a different medium so you can make some money at it," TVRS's Spike Wimmer told ABC 7. Zing!

Nevada County Sheriff's Sgt. Dan Saunders advised, "Don't do it because you're just ruining the experience for everybody else who comes to the area. They come to the area for this beautiful view like I said. Last thing they want to see is somebody's thoughts or expressions."

Graffiti on nature is nothing new. People are the worst and they always have been. In 2015, the Sierra Sun covered the graffiti problem at Cave Rock. Back in 2011, the Lake Tahoe News published an article titled, "Surge in graffiti adding to South Tahoe’s rundown look." And now in 2017, there's a whole squad of sweet Tahoe bros trying to solve the problem. Behold their mission:

Memorial Day weekend kicks off tourist season in Lake Tahoe (and everywhere else in America). Please leave your Sharpees at home, vandals.

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