Elle Woods is like, in my room.

The Huffington Post reports that actress and clothing company proprietress Reese Witherspoon popped by her former dorm room while on a recent visit to her alma mater, Stanford University. People Magazine notes that the 41-year-old star of the glorious Big Little Lies was at the school to speak to theater business students as part of Stanford's "View From the Top" speaker series.

#TBT to the good 'ol days πŸ€“ (aka #CollegeYears)

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β€œI turned toward the door and all I see is Reese Witherspoon peeking in,” dorm resident Caitlyn told Inside Edition. β€œShe was like, β€˜Can we come in?’ My jaw dropped.”

Witherspoon only attended Stanford for a year, at least according to Wikipedia. She graduated as valedictorian from Harvard University School of Law according to Legally Blonde.

In related news of famous people returning to their long-ago dorms, Facebook CEO returned to his dorm room at Harvard this week, the same fateful room where he created TheFacebook.com all those years ago, and he posted a video of it.

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