A Facebook group called The Real Intern, whose purpose is to help connect interns living temporarily in San Francisco — and working, presumably, in either the tech or legal fields? — has decided to organize an Intern Picnic on Memorial Day in Dolores Park, and over 2,700 people have expressed interest in the event, which may not be happy news for the Rec & Parks Department who already will have enough to deal with at Dolo this weekend.

Live 105 picked up the news of the "unofficial" picnic, and it's likely the event does not have a proper permit. But if ten or fifteen thousand people show up in the park like they would on any sunny weekend day, who's going to be able to tell where the interns stop and the non-interns begin?

The organizers said on the Facebook event page on May 10, "Wow, this event is more popular than we thought! So, please bring some food to share." That sounds like a good plan. Also, they note, "alcohol is not allowed in Dolores Park, and we are not serving or allowing alcohol at our events because many interns are under 21."

Pro tip: Everyone brings booze to the park. And while it is not technically allowed, Rec & Parks has mostly given up on enforcing this, instead launching a campaign two years ago to encourage people just to bring beer in cans, so they don't have so much glass to clean up. Also, glass breaks.

The holiday weekend looks to be sunny but not that sunny, with highs in the 60s, so maybe the park won't be so packed after all.