As has become the custom in these parts, local shame hound Stanley Roberts attended Bay to Breakers with his camera once again, and once again marveled at the sheer number of people behaving badly — i.e. drinking and peeing in public.

Booze may not be allowed, but come on, people. Alcohol is the fuel of Bay to Breakers for everyone but that zany pack of "elite" racers at the front, and maybe a few dozen others who actually run the whole thing and care about their finishing time. And this is how it's always been. But nonetheless Stanley feels he has to hang around with the cops or hired security who were confiscating peoples' beers, and shame them on camera.

Lots of the racers love having him there, though, and this year one kid even yells "I've got a poster of you in my room. I'm not even joking," to which Stanley replies, "TMI."

I'll update this post as soon as Stanley puts up his second promised video covering this year's race, which will no doubt involve him sneaking up behind dudes who are urinating and making them mad.

For now, please enjoy this highlight reel he put together of Bay to Breakers races going back 10 years, including some of the creative floats people used to bring to dispense beer, before floats and kegs were officially banned eight years ago.

Update: At last we have Stanley's full coverage of the race, which, once again, focuses a lot on urine.