Photos by Erik Wilson and Blake Young

Whether you registered and ran the whole thing, or just ducked in for a few blocks around Hayes Hill and joined the party in the Panhandle, or if you just woke up to take a few photos of this year's costumes from the sidelines, you likely saw some part of the annual Bay to Breakers footrace or its aftermath on Sunday. Racers, and bands of costumed revelers who didn't really bother with the "race," could be found fanning out across the city by noon, and this year's costumes, as evidenced in this gallery, included some of the usual cultural zeitgeist stuff like Sean Spicer and some bushes, and the Hotdog/Not Hotdog app from Silicon Valley.

This was the 106th running of this beloved race, and as for the actual racers, as CBS 5 reports, Philemon Cheboi won the race with a time of 34 minutes, 48 seconds, also winning the male division, and Buze Diriba won the female division with a time of 39:48. Both of them are 23 years old, with Cheboi from Kenya and Diriba from Ethiopia.

As the Chronicle tells us, the city provided 1,000 porta-potties this year to try to prevent public urination, and, of course, despite the official ban on booze, there were plenty of people carrying it and drinking it on the race route.

And, as always, there was plenty of nudity too, which was aided by a warm and sunny day.

Check out these photos, and if you can't get enough, the Chronicle has about 100 more here.

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