Oakland's Mountain View cemetery is well-known for the number of luminaries who count it as their final resting place. Folgers (of coffee fame), a Ghirardelli (of chocolate renown) and Elizabeth Short (the Black Dahlia murder victim) were all interred there, along with many, many others.

All, it appears...

That's right. As KRON 4's Stanley Roberts reports, visitors to the cemetery are treating it like a dog park, and you know what dogs do when they get outside.

Cemetery management doesn't ban dogs from the cemetery, Roberts says, but signs posted at various locations in the graveyard say that dogs must remain on-leash and on the roadway. They're not supposed to be running around on top of the plots or urinating against headstones, activity Roberts witnessed.

While in San Francisco we don't have to grapple with this issue, unless you count former cemetery sites, it's apparently also an issue in Colma, which actually does have about 1600 living residents to their 1.5 million dead ones, the New York Times reports.

So, what do you think? Do you want Spot dropping a load atop what's left of grandma? Or is any plot of grass (occupied or otherwise) fair game for Fido?

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