For two days in July, visitors to one of San Francisco's most notorious tourist areas will have a thrilling new anecdote to share with the folks back at home: Out there, in craaaazy San Francisco, they have an actual rat cafe.

According to the San Jose Mercury News, Fisherman's Wharf's San Francisco Dungeon tourist whatever you want to call it thingamajig will on July 1 and 8 be home to a pop-up "Rat Cafe."

According to Dungeon spokesperson Matthew Clarkson, the rats will be there to provide a “frighteningly funny encounter." “Drinking coffee while a rat is on the loose? That’s not for the faint of heart.”

The cafe is in collaboration with Rattie Ratz, a Bay Area nonprofit that seeks to "improve the lives of domestic pet rats and their guardians by promoting value and respect for all animal life" to "promote domestic pet rats as valuable companions." So Clarkson's is perhaps not the ideal attitude to demonstrate for a rat adoption event, but I get it — he's got tickets to sell. And the tickets to the pop-up event aren't cheap: $49.99, to be exact, which allows you access to the Dungeon's various attractions, "coffee or tea plus pastry," and "15 minutes of rodent interaction."

Hey, I have an idea! Instead of waiting until July and dropping a Grant, how about you just check out Rattie Ratz' adoptable rats here (San Francisco Animal Care & Control also shows off their adoptable rodents here)? Then you can use the SF Department of Public Health's restaurant score page to find a coffee shop near you that's been dinged for rodent violations.

You'll save, like, 45 bucks, you might get a cool little pal, and you won't have to go to the hellmouth that is Wharf! You're welcome.

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