An off-duty Uber driver was allegedly abducted at gunpoint Saturday night and forced to drive to Richmond, where his car was then stolen. As ABC 7 reports, the driver says that a man and a woman, he armed with a gun and she armed with a knife, jumped into his car while he was off-duty in San Francisco, with his doors unlocked.

The couple then forced the man to cross the Bay Bridge and take them to Richmond where they stole his car, a 2015 white Toyota Camry with the license plate 7HQW692. They also made him stop at an ATM and take out money as well.

Richmond police are now seeking help in locating the car, and seeking information on the suspects, who remain at large.

Meanwhile, in other Uber driver-related news, a man who briefly drove for Uber in April managed to crash two cars in three days in Santa Rosa last week. The Chronicle reports on the collision-filled week of 26-year-old Jeffrey Dallas Pearson, who crashed a car into Village Pets & Supplies on Monday after smoking some marijuana, as he told police. A second crash, which investigators say was not a DUI, happened Wednesday night when Pearson crashed a car into three parked cars, totaling them, and damaged two others in the process as well.

Pearson had apparently boasted on Facebook in April about reaching 50 five-star reviews in his first weeks as an Uber driver, but he was not driving for Uber or carrying any passengers during either of the two crashes. The company says that his account has already been suspended. According to Uber, however, Pearson had not received any complaints from passengers prior to the crashes.

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