Attention gold diggers.

In an auction to raise money for the Robert F. Kennedy Human Rights Organization, bidders have until May 16 to log onto Charitybuzz and try and score lunch with Apple CEO Tim Cook. The lunch is valued $100,000 and as of my typing this, the bidding has reached $125,000.

The lunch, which presumably includes dessert and the beverage of your choice (plus free refills) will take place at the brand spanking new Apple Park in glamorous Cupertino, California. This seems like a cheap place for Tim Cook to take someone to lunch but who knows? Maybe they have tablecloths. Lunch can only last an hour and the winning bidder gets to bring a guest, provided they both pass a security check.

Here are some sample questions prospective auction winners may want to ask Cook:

  • Can you fix my iPhone4? The wait list at the Genius Bar was unbearable.
  • Are you going to eat that pickle?
  • Real quick, can I see your current bank balance?
  • How come my phone goes from 30% battery to 2% battery in like, a minute?
  • How miserable were you at that Donald Trump tech meeting? Because you looked pretty miserable.

Other RFK auction items include a lunch with brilliant historical genius and frequent Ken Burns documentary star Doris Kearns Goodwin (grossly undervalued at $3,500) and tickets to Saturday Night Live including the after party, which sounds WAY better than lunch with a nerd and is currently going for $7,501.

h/t: CNet