It's no secret that the "unpaid internships" even the most qualified of us might have been offered in years past have been replaced at many tech companies by rates nearly twice America's median income. We've talked about this before, when we looked at an informal intern pay survey from 2014 and a similar one from almost exactly a year ago. But in news that might be a consolation to the more schadenfreude-y among us, a look at summer intern pay rates for 2017 reflect lower — or, at best, the same — pay this over last.

This, according to Mill Valley-based job site Glassdoor, which in its "25 Highest Paying Internships in America for 2017" report says that Facebook is intern payday number one, with a median monthly internship salary of $8,000.

According to last year's data, Facebook was sixth on a list behind companies like Pinterest and Twitter, neither of which even charted on this year's Glassdoor list. In the 2014 list, Facebook paid $6.8K per month.

Salesforce snagged the #4 slot on the 2017 list, with a median monthly pay rate of $6,450. Last year, their pay was a reported $6,500, but Towers don't come cheap so I'm sure those $50 here and there came in handy. It doesn't appear that the company made the 2014 list.

Apple's #6 on this year's list, with a median monthly intern pay of $6,400. That's down from a reported $6,700 in 2016 and $6,500 (plus a $3,500 monthly housing stipend) in 2014.

You get the picture. Some of the other companies that made the list this year are Yelp ($6,400, down from $7,300), Yahoo ($6,080, down from $6,500) and Google ($6,000, down from $6,600). You can see Glassdoor's entire 2017 rankings here, and can compare it to 2016's widely-reported salary survey by Yelp intern Rodney Folz and 2014's likely Glassdoor-based salary report.

The median salary for a full-time US worker is currently $51,350, Glassdoor says, and according to the Bureau for Labor Statistics, in 2016 it was $44,148. Does that mean the American Everyman is catching up to the Silicon Valley kids? Not yet, as that kid's annual Facebook income would still be $96,000...that is, if she didn't have to head back to school in the fall.

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