It seems as though Ann Coulter managed to come near the Bay Area this weekend after all, if not actually into it, giving a speech Friday evening in Modesto Centre Plaza that drew "hundreds" of supporters according to the Modesto Bee. And, inevitably, there were also protesters, and Trump/Coulter fans on hand to shout down the protesters, as you can see in the video below. Coulter used her microphone time to talk about the possibility of a populist revolution, and to say that she wishes California would secede, lest our liberal immigration policies spread to the rest of the country.

The occasion was the annual Lincoln Day Dinner fundraiser for the the Republican Party of Stanislaus County, which paid Coulter's $25,000 speaking fee. And as CBS 5 reports, security was high, with private guards, Modesto police, Stockton police, Stanislaus County sheriffs, and California Highway Patrol all on hand. The demonstration turned out to be peaceful, however, despite the shouting.

It's unclear when the Modesto appearance was planned, or if it was planned in the course of the week in which Coulter's speech at UC Berkeley was ultimately cancelled after much back and forth with the university. Announcements of the appearance seem to have first appeared around April 19.

“It’s not just the governor,” Coulter said in the speech, per the Modesto Bee. “If I could push secession on you, I’d really be doing the rest of the country a solid.”

As KCRA reports, media cameras were not allowed into the event. But as you can hear in the video below, Coulter also spoke about keeping the US out of international conflicts in which we don't have a national interest.

Someone should tell Coulter, though, that Modesto is not in the Bay Area.

The event apparently raised about $50,000 for the Republican Party of Stanislaus County.

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