The San Francisco Police Department is seeking a violent driver today, after the man allegedly attacked a construction worker who was directing traffic in the Lower Haight.

NBC Bay Area has the tale, reporting that a female construction worker who was directing traffic near Haight and Steiner Streets was attacked by a male driver as she tried to do her job.

According to NBC, "The worker, who did not want to be identified, said words were exchanged, and then the driver got out of his car"

"He shoved me first; I went down, grabbed his T-shirt. After that, swing, swing, swing," the victim said. "I have brusies on my back, my ribs and stomach...That's where he was hitting me."

Two men who were driving past saw the altercation, with one telling NBC that "We were surprised more people weren't helping, and we had to put the car in park to help."

As the men and other passers-by intervened on her behalf, the suspect apparently fled -- but not before witnesses got photos of the man, photos that were then turned over to responding officers with the SFPD.

She then finished her shift, NBC reports.

Police say that they are now actively seeking the suspect, but as of publication time no arrests had been announced by the SFPD.

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