Everyone has their work routine. You walk in Monday morning, grab coffee from the kitchen, make some avocado toast if you work in one of those offices, and read the emails you ignored over the weekend at your desk.

Now imagine if there wasn’t coffee or your desk chair was missing. Your day would be thrown off.

There’s one person to thank for the comforts and essentials you rely on at work—your Office Manager. They’re the reason the snacks are replenished, the sink is dish-free, and the office isn’t 100 degrees (or 35 degrees) in the summer.

Your Office Manager takes care of the details so you can focus on your job. Unfortunately, they’re rarely celebrated for their accomplishments the way the sales team is when they close a deal.

That’s why Managed by Q created Office Manager Appreciation week, and made it easy for you to send a thank you card to the person in your office who keeps everything in order—the OfficeBoss.

Whether they found you a conference room when you had a last minute meeting or ordered the notebooks with grids you like, take a minute to recognize them.

The cards are free, and the OfficeBoss who receives the most appreciation each day of the week will win a gift to thank them for all that they do—like free lunch for a month or an Airbnb for their next vacation.

So don’t take your office for granted—thank the OfficeBoss in your life.

This post is brought to you by Managed by Q.