This is just a brief update in the ongoing legal proceedings against Hot Cop of the Castro Christopher Kohrs relating to a hit-and-run incident in North Beach shortly after Thanksgiving 2015, which injured two men. As Castro denizen Michael Petrelis noted this week on Facebook, a civil case brought against Kohrs, the city and the police department by one of the victims was settled last month and completely dismissed on March 23, as you can see here in a court document — though the terms of the settlement have not been disclosed. Kohrs is still due back in court next month in the criminal case.

Kohrs, 40, who worked for the SFPD out of Park Station but was on medical leave at the time of the incident, was alleged to have been driving a Dodge Charger that struck the two men at 2:20 a.m. on November 29, 2015 at the intersection of Broadway and Montgomery Streets, and then fled the scene on foot. Surveillance footage released shortly thereafter seemed to show this occurring in the aftermath of the crash.

The collision caused serious injuries to Franco Vilchez, an Iraq War vet, and Victor Perez, and it was the case brought by Perez that was recently settled. At the time of the incident, friends said that Perez suffered a broken jaw and a broken leg, and Vilchez was the more seriously injured, with a broken neck, nose, eye socket, jaw, missing teeth, and brain hemorrhaging. It's unclear if a separate civil case brough by Vilchez is still pending.

Kohrs is reportedly due back in court for a hearing on the criminal charges against him on May 12, 2017. Kohrs apparently had two passengers with him in the car at the time who both confirmed he was the driver, and in December 2015 he pleaded not guilty to two felony counts of hit-and-run. Also at issue in the case was that Kohrs did not turn himself in until 10 hours after the crash occurred, when he then submitted to drug and alcohol testing.

As loyal readers will recall, the good looking Kohrs achieved viral and national fame after a gay fan created a Facebook fan page for him, and others in the Castro neighborhood began taking selfies with him and posting them online. He had recently begun doing some overtime outside his usual beat, doing patrols and directing traffic in the Castro, as he told SFist in an interview, during a period when two blocks of Castro Street were under heavy construction. Later that year he would strip down to participate in the Ice Bucket Challenge at the Cafe, and within months he mysteriously decided to say goodbye to his celebrity, and asked that the Facebook fan page be removed.

It's unclear at what point he went on medical leave, but it would be over a year before he would make headlines again following the North Beach crash.

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