This year's first fully sanctioned 4/20 drew what were possibly record numbers of toking attendees, causing the usual awful traffic in all directions near the Haight and Golden Gate Park and expanding out to the Marina and even the Mission — but all these angry Hoodline commenters sound like they didn't know what day it was and stupidly did anything besides walk or ride a bike in the vicinity. The pot party also left behind the usual mass amounts of trash — KRON 4 says it was 11 tons this year. And, it wouldn't be 4/20 without Stanley Roberts out there with his camera, documenting all the People Behaving Badly, which in this case just amounted to people selling weed inside the gates, which they weren't supposed to be doing, people with glass bongs and bottles, and one kid taking a selfie with a joint in his mouth with a police captain standing behind him not caring.

Stanley has been attending 4/20 since 2011 — my personal favorite had to have been 2015's visit which included this mime girl who insists she was sober — trying to feign outrage over the blind eye that law enforcement cast on the whole, unsanctioned affair, but all that's changed and Stanley maybe even sounds a little sad about it.

This year he also got an earful from some hippies both young and old about how the grassroots affair has now been "hijacked by politicians" and "corporatized" — even though the politicians don't generally want anything to do with it, and the sponsorships were all Haight neighborhood businesses.

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