On August 22, 2014, backstage at a Wiz Khalifa show at Shoreline Amphitheater, Orinda resident Eric Johnson was shot at least five times following an alleged dispute with rapper Young Jeezy and his entourage. After Johnson died from his wounds, Young Jeezy and five other people associated with Khalifa's Under the Influence of Music tour were arrested in Orange County, and Jeezy was reportedly found in possession of an assault rifle — allegedly when his tour bus was searched, multiple automatic machine guns were found. Charges were ultimately dropped in the case, though, and Johnson's murder remains unsolved. But today, as TMZ reports and as we learn via a release from the Law Offices of John Burris, a wrongful death lawsuit has been filed in Santa Clara County court on behalf of Johnson's family, naming concert promoter Live Nation as well as Young Jeezy and others associated with the tour as defendants.

According to the press release, "Mr. Johnson and Young Jeezy’s entourage got into a dispute after Young Jeezy refused to show up at a concert after-party Mr. Johnson had paid Young Jeezy to appear at." Johnson was a 38-year-old concert and party promoter as well as a father of three.

Attorney Adante pointer calls the investigation "botched" and says there was likely a coverup of some kind. Also from the release, after a two-year investigation, "No one ever told the family or the community there were two independent eye witnesses who were working the concert that saw the brazen shooting. In fact, the two witnesses’ names were buried in thousands of pages of documents and had to be tracked down and subpoenaed to give their sworn deposition. At their depositions both witnesses named Young Jeezy as being the shooter and claimed they told police the same thing the night of the murder."

In the complaint filed, we learn that the second eyewitness described the shooter to a police sketch artist, and the sketch turned out to be "eerily similar to the way Young Jeezy looked" the night of the shooting.

Says Pointer, "Young Jeezy can rap about whatever he wants, [but he] crossed the line when he tried to live out his rap life fantasies causing Mr. Johnson’s death thereby sentencing his three children to live their lives without their father while Young Jeezy tours, makes music and flaunts his lifestyle and time spent with his kids for the world to see.”

Johnson's children are seeking compensation for funeral expenses as well as unspecified damages.

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