No, North Korea probably can not reach US shores with a nuclear missile anytime very soon. But, yes, they do dream about it, and will likely achieve that capability at some point, in a matter of years, and a propaganda video that played during festivities celebrating late founding father Kim Il Sung's 105th birthday over the weekend showed them doing just that. Target: San Francisco.

It's a quick sequence with poor CGI effects and North Koreans without a terrific grasp on US geography probably wouldn't even recognize the San Francisco peninsula being annihilated. But we do.

This concert and glorious celebration of brown uniforms happened on Saturday, April 15, which is referred to in North Korea as The Day of Sun, as SFGate notes. And, "While the concert took over an hour to finish, San Francisco was wiped out in about 15 seconds."

The Daily Caller recently did this explainer
of what the chain of events would be under various scenarios in which Kim Jong-Un decides to go full nuclear, and it's enough to make anyone queasy. South Korea and Japan have a lot more to worry about in the near term, and there was that recent failed missile test, but that doesn't make the idea of actual nuclear brinksmanship occurring in 2017 any less easier to stomach.

SF Weekly points us to this interactive map tool in which you can try out the various sized weapons that North Korea has tested and see exactly what their blast radius and radiation effects would be if they landed anywhere in San Francisco. Their biggest bomb so far would only wipe out a section of town, so, doesn't that make you feel a little better?