Sunday is Easter, and though most of you probably won't be observing the day with a visit to church, it is very commonly a traditional day to brunch. Whether you're headed to Golden Gate Park for the Hunky Jesus Contest, or figuring on a more indoor day because it's supposed to rain, here are a couple of suggestions for spots you may not have thought of where brunch can be enjoyed without an hour-long wait (probably), or worse. Also, you can refer to the list we did last year of the city's most underrated brunch places.


Bar Agricole
You know what's great about Bar Agricole for brunch? Beignets with chocolate rum sauce. You know what else is great about Bar Agricole for brunch? They take reservations. You know what else? They make some superior cocktails. And they have oysters. So this is a no-brainer.
355 11th Street between Folsom and Harrison

Boulette's at night. Photo: Facebook

Boulette's Larder
Following the insanity of Goatchella on Saturday, things should be manageable at the Ferry Building on Sunday, and over in the corner where Boulette's Larder sits, it'll probably be pretty quiet — but if you want to be cautious, they do take reservations. The food is awesome, from their market-inspired Sunday Salad, to their delicious seasonal scrambles, though it's not the cheapest brunch you'll find in town.
1 Ferry Building

Photo: Yelp

Heirloom Cafe
This charming deep-Mission bistro will be open for brunch on Sunday, with no reservations, and they're promising stovetop chilaquiles as well as well as pecan sticky buns.
2500 Folsom Street at 21st

Shrimp and chive dumplings

Mama Ji's
This unsung Chinese spot at the edge of the Castro/Eureka Valley does some mean dim sum, and it's served until 3 p.m. just in case you planned on sleeping in.
4416 18th Street

The veal schnitzel breakfast sandwich at Schmidt's. Photo: Kevin M./Yelp

Fans of traditional German and Eastern European-style hostel breakfasts, featuring cured fish or meats and assorted breads, should get excited about brunch here, which is never too crowded. And if you're super starved, go for the sausage plate or the veal schnitzel sandwich (pictured).
2400 Folsom Street at 20th

Sea Breeze Cafe's Chipotle Benedict. Photo: Sin Yee C/Yelp

Sea Breeze Cafe
You know where there's probably going to be a three-hour wait on Sunday? Outerlands. But you know what's right nearby and super delicious, just a hop and a skip from the beach? The Sea Breeze Cafe. They make the obviously awesome chipotle Benedict shown above, as well as some fantastic home fries, and the tofu scramble is good too.
3940 Judah Street at 45th Avenue

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Photo: Bar Agricole/Facebook