Berkeley College Republicans say they're threatened by intolerance and aggression on campus, the latest instance of which is graffiti and the one before that the breaking of a sign. Campus spokesperson Dan Mogulof told the Daily Cal that the school condemns all acts of vandalism and threats. The graffiti read "KILL BCR,” “BEHEAD THE B.C.R.’s” and “LYNCH the B.C.R.’s." and was removed after it was reported.

“There isn't much we can do about it beyond reporting,” the group's spokesperson Naweed Tahmas told the school paper. “It’s up to students to manage their behavior towards us and understand that we are students as well.” He also rejects the idea that there's been an uptick in aggression toward conservatives on campus since the election, because he thinks conservatives have always been unfairly targeted and ostracized on Cal's liberal campus.

Perhaps it's this constant state of threat that has the Republicans, who appear to double as a gun club, practicing their second amendment rights.

The background here, duh, is the tension created when the Berkeley College Republicans invited the now-disgraced alt-right person Milo Yiannopoulos to campus, sparking protests that cancelled his planned speech. That brings us to tomorrow, Saturday: A planned "Patriots Day" rally in Berkeley's Civic Center Park has all the makings of another Milo clash, or at best a repeat of the smaller skirmish that happened a month ago in this same park over a similar rally. This "free speech" demonstration quickly drew organizers to form a a counter-rally, and in an extremely Berkeley turn of events, the weekly farmers' market nearby has been canceled as a precaution.

One speaker at the Patriot's Day rally will be Lauren Southern, a female men's rights activist from Canada known for shouting down rape victims. She's apparently arrived on campus already and was recently paying her respects to the men and women of the Berkeley College Republicans.

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