It's a scene we've all played in our heads: What do you do if you come home and discover a stranger inside? If you're San Francisco resident Pavan Gupta, you call the cops then get on Snapchat, to show the world the alleged prowler as he paces back and forth on the balcony of a residence Gupta says the suspect would eventually decide "is his house now."

Gupta tells KRON 4 that he didn't know 22-year-old San Francisco resident Nicholas Davis the first time he found the man inside his home, this past Friday night.

“I try to flag him down, and he pulls a bottle of jägermeister to his face and starts screaming into the window,” Gupta says, who called the police when he says Davis refused to leave.

What followed was an hours-long standoff, KRON 4 says, as police attempted to reason with Davis. Eventually Davis went inside, Gupta says, irritated at what he seems to see as a delay in Davis's detention.

“He’s now in my bedroom, and apparently, he decided it was time to completely strip down, and he starts dancing around in a window, but they decide the better approach is to wait for hours and hours and hours for Nick to go to sleep, in my bed completely naked, which is absolute insanity, right?”

Davis was arrested, but didn't remain in police custody for long: According to Gupta, Davis allegedly hopped over a wall to his home and started banging on the front door at 3 a.m. Wednesday, apparently back for more. "He thinks it's his house now," Gupta told KRON 4, saying that Davis eventually left the premises without ever getting inside.

But still, Gupta says "I'm genuinely concerned for my safety...this guy has shown up twice in the course of three or four days, who knows what else he's going to do?"

When Gupta went to the police regarding Wednesday's incident, he says they told him "to apply whatever force is necessary to stop this guy. What do I do, go out and buy a gun tonight to solve this?"

A call from SFist to the San Francisco Sheriff's Department, which oversee's the city's jails, confirms that Davis had been released on his own recognizance earlier this week. As of Thursday afternoon, Davis remains out of custody, a spokesperson confirmed.

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