A gruesome homicide case broke Friday after San Bruno police discovered the dismembered corpse of an unidentified person strewn about the backyard of a 50-year-old felon. Police arrested David Brian Stubblefield, charging him with murder and multiple other charges, and he's being held without bail at San Mateo County Jail, as the San Mateo Daily Journal reports.

The investigation began Thursday after police arrived at Stubblefield’s home at 3781 Pacific Heights Boulevard in San Bruno, there to question Stubblefield about an acquaintance of his who had gone missing on March 29. As the Mercury-News reports, San Bruno police began looking around the home, and discovered body parts in multiple locations. Police Chief Ed Barberini tells the paper, "A portion was outdoors, and a portion was within a structure."

Stubblefield was subsequently booked on charges of murder, second-degree robbery, first-degree burglary, being a felon in possession of a firearm, mayhem, destroying evidence and unlawful possession as well as use of tear gas.

A second crime scene has also been examined, as the Daily Journal reported, a home at 3961 Pacific Heights Boulevard that apparently is associated with the missing person, who may or may not be the victim in this case. Neither the missing person nor the remains have been identified as yet.

ABC 7 spoke to neighbors, however, who identified the missing person as a 70-year-old man in the neighborhood who was known to be an acquaintance of Stubblefield, and wore a cowboy hat.

ABC 7 also contacted a relative of Stubblefield who described him as "a bit off and said he worked in IT."

KRON 4's Dan Kerman reported via Twitter today that the victim was shot before being dismembered.

ABC 7's Melanie Woodrow reported today that the victim was also pepper-sprayed, and the motive behind the killing may have been an argument over a space heater.