From the beginning of March 2016 to the end of February 2017, a total of 1,881 evictions notices were filed with the Rent Board, a 21 percent decrease from last year’s total over the same period, which was 2,376. That decrease is the first since 2010, when evictions began to rise — a trend the Examiner ties to the tech boom. In fact, the worst eviction rates in recent memory occurred in 1998-99 at the peak of the dot-com boom, the Ex recalls: 2,878 total evictions were filed that year.

According to the Rent Board, 122 notices were given for failure to pay rent this past year, which are not required to be filed with the Department. The board writes that the largest increase was in notices of roommate evictions, from 52 to 73 eviction notices. Habitual late payment led to 110 eviction notices, up from 96. The biggest decrease in evictions was for buildings that were being demolished or removed from housing stock. Last year, there were 60 such notices given, this year there were just eight.

Although the stats show evictions falling, it's not as if they've suddenly decreased to pre-boom levels. This past year's 1,881 evictions filed with the Rent Board represent a number still higher than figures from 2012-2013 — there were 1,757 evictions that year. But, this year's 1,881 evictions is still a dip below 2013-2014's numbers: That year there were 1,977 evictions.

Not all 1,881 evictions went uncontested: 410 reports of alleged wrongful eviction were filed with the Rent Board, 59 of them involving school-age children. Yesterday, Supervisors began to propose possible solutions to what an NBC Bay Area investigation calls an epidemic of wrongful owner move-in evictions. After breach of rental agreement evictions, owner move-in evictions were the second most common kind of eviction last year: There were 397 of those, down from 417 in 2015-2016. Reportedly as many as one-in-four purported owner move-in evictions could be fraudulent, though the city rarely has time to investigate and prosecute such cases.

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