Late Friday night, Ashley Aleman of Watsonville, California got a call she wasn't expecting: The Guelph Humane Society of Ontario, Canada rang her up to say that her cat, BooBoo, was safe at their shelter, identified by microchip. But BooBoo was lost four years ago, in California, and Aleman had assumed the worst.

"We though we had lost our cat BooBoo out to the wild life but it turns out that she was out having a trip to Canada," Aleman writes to a gofundme page where she's hoping to round up $600 for travel fees for BooBoo, who apparently doesn't remember the way back.

Melissa Stolz, an animal program co-ordinator at the Guelph shelter, tells the local Mercury Tribune that the brown tabby was in good shape when she got to the shelter. As far as the long distance BooBoo travelled, "All we can do is wonder," Stolz says. "Maybe she accidentally got into some sort of vehicle," Stolz said. "It could have been anything, but I don't think we'll ever know."

Aleman tells CBC she's very emotional over the prospect of a reunion with her lost pet. "I already told my husband, you better prepare yourself because I'm going to lose it," Aleman said, "I'm going to break down and I'm going to cry, because it was a hard thing to lose her."

Whether BooBoo will feel anything, however, we'll never know. Judge according to your thoughts about the emotional capacity of cats, I suppose. "We are still in the same exact house she actually left us in so we are hoping it will be a little remembering for her," Aleman says

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