The ovens are back on at 833 Cortland Avenue in Bernal Heights. Black Jet Baking Co., who snagged the space in December after Pinkie's Bakery closed its spot there along with its SoMA operation and sibling restaurant Citizen's Band, is up and running. Pinkie's, for the record took over the space from another baker — Sandbox.

Black Jet was started in 2010 and gained fans with its cookie deliveries. These days they're known for cupcakes, pies, and of course, marshmallow fluff sandwiches. Customers who are sweet on the brand forked over $75,000 in a Kickstarter campaign to owner Gillian Shaw to get the new space going.

"Everyone seems to be excited," Shaw told Inside Scoop last year. "This year, we’ve just been lucky to grow and grow.” The space is still in the soft-opening phase, as Shaw writes on Instagram, so maybe hold off on party orders for now.

There's no seating inside the space, which is more geared toward to-go orders. "In my mind, I just see people going to the walkup counter and picking up their birthday cake, or cookies or their scone,” Shaw told the Scoop. “It’s just the perfect, cute space."

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