Thrift Town, a secondhand store of treasures untold, is closing for good on Friday according to Mission Mission. A Thrift Town employee wouldn't confirm the closure to SFist, and we've left a message with their public relations representative to learn more. We'll update this post if and when they respond.

Update:Printed signs plastering the door of the business confirm the closure, which in fact took place during normal work hours this afternoon, according to a tip to SFist. Many of the signs on the door read "I left my heart at Thrift Town."

Thrift Town's chain of stores are part of the Norquist Salvage Corporation and were founded in 1972. The 2101 Mission Street Thrift Town at 17th Street is one in a network of stores in three states that boasts it collects 4,000 items daily. In California there are six stores from here to Sacramento, in Texas, there are five Thrift Towns, and in New Mexico, there's one in Albuquerque.

SFist has been hyping Thrift Town and rocking its wares all the way back to 2005. It was among our list of the best thrift stores in the city in 2014. And once, in 2011, we recalled the time Robin Williams cleaned out his closet and donated the contents to Thrift Town — including the Armani tux he wore to pick up his Oscar for Good Will Hunting. You can bet it was reasonably priced by the store.

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