The victims in Thursday's quadruple homicide in Sacramento have now been positively identified as 45-year-old Angelique Vasquez, her 14-year-old daughter Mia Vasquez, 11-year-old son Alvin Vasquez, and 21-year-old Ashley Coleman, as the Associated Press is reporting. Though police have not revealed Coleman's connection to the family, several news sources have reported that she was the niece of Angelique Vasquez. Prime suspect Salvador Vasquez-Oliva, 56, is believed to be Angelique Vasquez's husband, and he was detained in San Francisco Thursday, several hours after the bodies were discovered during a welfare check.

The killings happened in the South Land Park neighborhood, and the Sacramento Bee spoke with multiple neighbors who knew the couple, the children, and are shocked by the news. Police investigators only wrapped up their work at the scene on Sunday morning, pulling down crime scene tape that had been up for four days.

On Friday we learned that both Vasquez-Oliva and Vasquez appeared to be employed by the Employment Development Department, however the department has yet to confirm that or make any statement.

Tynya Beverly, a former colleague of Vasquez's at the EDD, tells local news station FOX 40 that Vasquez was "in the process of splitting from her husband," but recently let him move back in to the home with her and the children.

An odd detail that has emerged is that Vasquez was interviewed by FOX 40 barely 12 hours before the murders, speaking about marijuana use at Sacramento’s Capitol Towers residential complex. The building owners had told tenants that recreational marijuana would not be allowed on the premises despite the new state law, in compliance with federal law instead. Vasquez said, "I think that's a fair decision."

FOX 40's Sonseeahray Tonsall says she feels grateful that Vasquez "blessed me with some of her time" to help to complete her story.

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