A quadruple homicide involving two children led to an arrest in San Francisco Thursday and is already making national headlines. Following up on a request for a welfare check from a relative early Thursday morning, Sacramento police discovered the bodies of four people in a home on the 1100 block of 35th Avenue in that city's South Land Park neighborhood, which led quickly to the arrest of a man who had apparently fled to the Bay Area. San Francisco police were called in to arrest 56-year-old Salvador Vasquez-Oliva later on Thursday, who was detained near the intersection of Golden Gate Avenue and Pierce Streets, near Alamo Square, as CBS 5 reports. Vasquez-Oliva has since been remanded to the custody of Sacramento police who say he's being held on "homicide-related" charges.

Sacramento's KCRA reports that the victims are Vasquez-Oliva's wife and their two children, as well as the wife's niece, though police have yet to reveal their identities. Police have only said that the victims were two adults and two juveniles, and they have not revealed how they were killed.

According to KCRA and ABC 7, investigators in the case were also in San Pablo on Thursday, though it's unclear what lead they were following there, or whom they questioned, but it seems that it was only a matter of hours before Vasquez-Oliva was identified as a person of interest and located in San Francisco.

The Sacramento Bee spoke to several neighbors in the neighborhood where the victims were found and learned that Vasquez-Oliva and his wife had two children living there, a 14-year-old girl and an 11-year-old boy. They also learned that Vasquez-Oliva had once resided in San Francisco in an apartment on Turk Street not far from where police found him Thursday.

The names of the dead have not yet been released.

Sacramento Mayor Darrell Steinberg issued a statement saying, "This was a horrifying incident but thanks to the rapid response and good work of our Police Department, the suspect has already been arrested. All our hearts here at City hall go out to the victims, their families, schools and community. As a city, we stand ready to embrace the families and community in anything we can do to help. It’s extremely tragic.”