In a brighter turn in the life of 2015 kidnapping victim Denise Huskins, she and boyfriend Aaron Quinn got engaged on Saturday Ā— news which was posted to Facebook along with photos of them with family and friends on a trip to a winery.

Huskins and Quinn were newly living together when convicted kidnapper Matthew Muller broke into their Mare Island home two years ago this month. Muller drugged Quinn and tied him up, and put headphones on both victims with pre-recorded messages that made it seem as though he was one of several people in a kidnapping gang. He also reportedly dressed up a blow-up doll in military gear to add to his ruse, despite the fact that he acted alone.

Muller was finally sentenced in federal court last week to 40 years behind bars, two days before Quinn popped the question.

As the Sacramento Bee reported, Muller spoke during his sentencing hearing and said, "Iā€™m still sick with shame that my actions have been so devastating to Ms. Huskins and Mr. Quinn." He has said that he suffers from bipolar disorder with extreme paranoia and psychosis.

Now, as ABC 7 reports, two California jurisdictions are deciding which of them will pursue further charges against Muller in county court that could lead to him remaining behind bars for life.

Kidnapping is a federal crime, but other crimes that Muller is believed to have committed violate state law, including burglary, sexual assault, and kidnapping with the intent to commit sexual assault. The latter charge alone could come with a life sentence, and that is being contemplated by the Solano County District Attorney's office, since the sexual assaults that Huskins says Muller committed actually occurred in his family's South Lake Tahoe home, in El Dorado County.

Meanwhile the El Dorado County Assistant District Attorney, James Clinchard, said in statement that "the most appropriate location to file any charges if supported by the evidence is still being looked into."

Solano County District Attorney Krishna Abrams, meanwhile, tells ABC 7 that charges are more likely to be filed in her county, but "Understanding [the family's] wishes and if we can prove this case beyond a reasonable doubt [is the biggest factor, and] I want to get them justice locally just like they had it done federally." Abrams says that simultaneous charges in both counties will not occur.

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