This month marked the end of an era for the Church and Market Safeway, a grocery store previously open to the brave, drunk, strung out, and hungry at all hours of night.

According to Hoodline, March 12 was its last day of 24-hour glory. The store now closes from 1:30 a.m. to 5 a.m. Nothing gold can stay.

In fact, the Church and Market Safeway was on of the last holdouts of its 24-hour ilk: Over the past two months, all but one San Francisco 24-hour Safeway has adjusted its hours to close shop at night. So, RIP also to the 24-hour Ocean Beach Safeway, the 24-hour Marina Safeway, and, long live the 7th Avenue Safeway in the Richmond, which a commenter Cubicle Hostage points out remains 24-hours.


Your fond remembrances in the comments: Here, a Food Inspection report for the Church and Market Safeway, posted to Yelp and presented without comment.

Why Are SF Safeways Suddenly Putting Their Booze Behind Bars?

Eve Batey at the Ocean Beach Safeway