Jonathan Tran, the 26-year-old Milpitas man accused of hopping the White House fence last week, is back in the Bay Area and out on bail, and appeared Thursday in federal court in San Jose to get fitted with a GPS tracking device. He's been ordered to undergo psychiatric evaluation here in the Bay Area, and as CBS 5 reports, he's due back in court in Washington D.C. next month where he could ultimately face up to 10 years in prison for his brief trespassing act.

Tran hopped two fences last Friday night, including one ringing the grounds of the Treasury Building next to the White House, and Secret Service agents apprehended him on the White House lawn. Tran said he was a "friend of the President" and in the backpack he was carrying agents found a book by President Trump, two cans of mace, and a letter offering his assistance to the President that talked about Russian hackers. Also in the letter, Tran said he had "been called schizophrenic."

When confronted outside the courthouse in San Jose Thursday by a CBS 5 reporter, Tran seemed calm and embarrassed. When asked why he jumped the White House fence he said simply he was "trying to get attention." And when asked if he was, as the President said later, a "troubled person," Tran said, "I don't deny that."

When he was asked if he wanted to talk to the President or harm him, Tran just said, "I don’t know. No comment."

His brother earlier told CNN that Tran had been troubled and living in his car since being laid off from a job at an electrical engineering firm here in the Bay Area. It's unclear if he traveled to D.C. solely to try to contact the President.

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