A driver in a tony Marin County town ended up facing reckless driving charges, after threatening the life of a cyclist and allegedly attempting to run him off the road.

CBS 5 reports that the incident happened "a few weeks ago," when the driver you see in the video below allegedly tried to run a cyclist off a Ross street.

The motorist then rolled down his window and shouted “I’m going to shoot your head off!”

The cyclist, who recorded the incident on his helmet camera, turned the footage over to police. They were able to track down the driver and cite him for reckless driving, a charge that could merit a sentence of three months in prison or a $1000 fine.

Richard Gutierrez, who owns a bike shop near where the incident occurred, tells CBS that “If a car harasses you police are like we didn’t see it so there’s nothing we can do about it," making helmet or other ride-recording cameras a good idea for cyclists who believe they might be menaced.

Gutierrez acknowledged that cyclists aren't always innocent in confrontations with drivers, however, saying “There’s always someone doing something rude, particularly the bikes they just fly through here without even looking at the stop signs."

“Should everything start going to court? Sure. Why not? Then maybe people will start taking things more seriously.”

And at least one person is going to court pretty soon: The motorist who started this discussion, who CBS 5 says is due back in court on April 4.

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