It's an odd location, though not necessarily a bad one, and for five years restaurateurs Ezra Berman and Miles Palliser have been feeding the people of Anza Vista / USF / Laurel Heights at their restaurant The Corner Store (5 Masonic Avenue at Geary). But that is now over as they announced via Facebook Tuesday that the place would be shutting down. "It has been a labor of love over the last five years and we are truly grateful to have been able to serve you all," the partners write. "We love this neighborhood and this city greatly and we appreciate the opportunity we have had to operate here and to work with all our amazing staff over the years."

Berman and Palliser have since gone on to open Lord George in SoMa and San Francisco Athletic Club on Divisadero, and they gave more of a politically tinged statement on their website saying, "We feel it is important to mention and for us all to take note that there are changes happening in this city and state that are making it very hard for small businesses and especially restaurants to survive. We have been sad over the last few years to see so many great establishments close and now we are very sad to have joined the club." They can only be referring to the increases in the local minimum wage, as well as the healthcare mandate, although the latter has not changed since they opened Corner Store in 2012.

Of course there were likely other factors involved, including a couple of chef and menu changes in recent years, and apparent drop in business since their first two or three years in the space, judging by a multitude of available tables I myself have observed on weekend nights on OpenTable. Also, a lackluster update review from Bauer last summer couldn't have helped either.

As Inside Scoop notes, the place was bustling for a while there, getting noticed for things like their boozy milkshakes and Buffalo sweetbreads, but in any event, five years isn't a bad run. And they pulled in a whole lot more business than that Hawaiian place Hukilau that was there before.