Unemployment remains at just 3.2 percent in San Francisco as of the end of January, however that is up from 2.9 percent in December, and a whopping 6,900 lost their jobs in that one-month span, as Socketsite reports — marking the single biggest month-to-month drop since 2009.

That may sound scary, but Socketsite also puts it in perspective by noting that there are 103,600 more people with paychecks living in the city than there were in January 2010 — kind of a shocking figure.

Meanwhile, in January 2017, employment dropped by 7,200 in Alameda County, but that followed an upward revision of the number of employed people in December, but still even with that dip the number of employed people in the county is 12,500 higher than at the same time last year.

We've all been expecting a market correction of some kind to hit us, and that appears to be happening in small ways like the major layoffs at Zenefits last month, the January layoffs at Munchery, and that small round of layoffs at Twitter last fall.

And the tech economy can't be doing too terribly if Snap Inc. could arrive with such a frenzy on Wall Street, giving it a better opening day than Google, Facebook, or Alibaba, and making CEO and founder Evan Spiegel — don't let this depress you — officially richer than Oprah.