Matthew Schutte, your host at 4229 Moraga Street, identifies himself on his Airbnb listing as "a political theorist, a privacy advocate, a big wave surfer and an innovation coach." But Schutte is selling himself short by not mentioning his carpentry skills, which are on full display with his dozen wooden boxes, each with a bed tucked inside. And, given these close quarters, Schutte might also be overstating his privacy advocacy.

That unbeatable price? $90 a night, and the location, more specifically, is at 48th Avenue, so far in the Outer Sunset that it's more like the Inner Pacific. Alas, according to Socketsite, Schutte's "private micro-suites" are no more — the short term rental registration/certificate for his gambit has been revoked after complaints. Now, according to a city inspection of the space, the "micro-suites" have been dismantled, and the home's five bedrooms now hold 14 beds. If Schutte agrees to reduce the guest limit to five people plus himself, the city will consider the code violations and complaints "formally closed," Socketsite says.

While city lawmakers debate Airbnb regulations ad infinitum, the story might at least show a complaint system that's in order — although how Schutte got a registration/certificate for this operation in the first place is, let's say, curious.

In their time, these box dwellings weren't totally panned by guests, who did really appear to stay here. "The micro suites are good for minimalists and college [sic] roughing it for a budget," one traveler wrote. "Matt is a truly great host. Beautiful beach is barefoot walk away. noce [sic] to work on deck and see ocean."

And, if sleeping in a box left your neck a bit cramped, there was always the hot tub to soothe your soreness.

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