Two wanna-be Xander Cages are behind bars in San Francisco today, after they parachuted off the roof of a downtown San Francisco hotel.

San Francisco Police Department spokesperson Officer Giselle Talkoff says that police officers witnessed "several individuals landing parachutes at on the 300 block of Jones Street" at 11:35 p.m. Tuesday, after they "jumped from the roof of a building with in close proximity to where the officers observed them landing."

According to NBC Bay Area, the building from which the suspects allegedly jumped is the Hilton San Francisco Union Square, located at 333 Ellis Street. ABC 7 reports that the jumpers "triggered a security alarm on the roof" of the building, likely one of the reasons police were on the scene to catch "one of the suspects...already on the ground and the other was coming in to land."

Another reason police were on the scene, as the Chron notes, is that the jumpers' chosen landing zone was about a block from the Tenderloin Police Station.

Talkoff says that two suspects, a 25-year-old man and a 26-year-old man, were arrested on the scene. Here's some video of the suspects as they were led into the station

A third jumper, who Talkoff says is female, managed to evade police and remains at large.

NBC reports that "there is no law preventing people from parachuting" in San Francisco, "but because the individuals were trespassing in a restricted area of the hotel" they were booked on trespassing charges. They also face charges of conspiracy, Talkoff says.

As of publication time, their names had not been released. According to the Chron, both men are San Francisco residents.

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