I would say that San Francisco pianist Mr. Brandy pops up when and where you least suspect, but if you had to guess, you'd probably expect this art-car van with a piano in the back to appear sometime at night somewhere in the Mission, the Haight, or, during Burning Man, on the Playa.... and you'd be right on the money.

Brandy passes the time "howlin' out the back of a van that I live in & travel in," playing music in the "wild west dark cabaret" genre on a squeezed-in upright. Trafficking in the spontaneous delight and dancing of passersby, Brandy was on Valencia Street a few nights back, wowing crowds and keeping it weird in a world increasingly dominated by squares.

Mr. Brandy's location is sometimes revealed on Twitter or Instagram, but the surprise of stumbling across this scene is half the fun. And, if you really need your cabaret fix, I imagine the proper incantation or the correct spell should summon Mr. Brandy to your location, pronto.

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