As an atmospheric river runs through it, Northern California's roads and highways are struggling to to hold up. The effect of storm-related erosion on one section of Highway 50 in the Sierra was for that road to buckle and collapse, CHP officials tell news station KCRA. The damage appears to have occurred late last night in an area near Bridal Veil Falls in El Dorado county.

The shoulder of the four-lane road was completely crumbling away, and the second lane was buckling. That left Caltrans with just enough road to operate in one direction only, for the next few months.

That was, at least, the plan before another lane, the second one in the westbound direction, began showing a large, long crack.

Travel in the Sierra is further inadvisable tonight, as according to Caltrans, I-80 is closed in both directions over Donner Pass. There's reportedly zero visibility amid white-out snow conditions.

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