The recent onslaught of rain isn't just causing mudslides and floods — it's spurred a spectacle at Lake Berryessa that we haven't seen in over ten years.

It's going down at Lake Berryessa's Glory Hole, a sentence I thought I'd be able to type without cracking an adolescent grin but I'm only human, you guys. An eight-foot-wide pipe intended to keep Lake Berryessa from running over, the Glory Hole "operates similarly to a bathtub drain," the Chron reported last week.

The last time the lake got full enough to require the Glory Hole's services was in 2006, but ABC 7 reports that it started sucking liquid down again this weekend, sending the overflow into nearby Putah Creek.

As you can imagine, the Lake Berryessa News is EXTREMELY excited about the action at the Glory Hole, and has published this drone's-view of the flow. Turn it up!