Some celebrities can hide behind a large pair of sunglasses and pass unbothered through Los Angeles, but it's considerably harder to blend in when your'e Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson, and San Franciscans are somewhat less discrete than Angelenos when a bona fide movie star waltzes through town. So, as the Rock was on Nob Hill to film the HBO show Ballers, which is about a high-profile sports agent and which I haven't watched but feel safe in assuming is like Jerry Maguire meets Entourage meets WrestleMania, tourists and local fans have been going a little nuts.

Sadly, you've missed the open casting call for the show, and today is the last day of local filming according to Hoodline, with a shoot to take place at Pine and Leavenworth.

And earlier this week, atop Nob Hill for filming at the Fairmont Hotel, the Rock recorded a greeting with one fan with his usual dramatic flare on Instagram.

Had a 30min break from set, so instead of going back to my hotel, I posted up in the back of my SUV and just worked from my phone. All the fans we're cleared out from the streets because they thought I left. I look up and this one dude was just standing on the church steps looking around at our set. He didn't have tons of memorabilia for me to sign, didn't have kids & toys, didn't have his phone out. He was just kinda standing there, with his hands in his pockets, excited and looking around. He had no idea I was in the SUV right in front of him. Well after about 20min of me trying to get work done and every time I look up, he's still there looking around. He can't see me, but I can see him and now my conscience starts f*cking with me! I can't get my work done if I know someone is standing there hoping to see me. Dammit. So I have my guy @billsinla go over and tell him I want to meet him. If you watch the vid closely you can see the man make the 🙏🏾 sign when my guy tells him the news. Time for me to be an asshole.

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"Well, I tried to be an asshole but as you see from his caption below it didn't go quite as planned," writes Johnson, who is probably just constitutionally not an asshole. "After this pic, he was so happy, he skipped away. Literally, skipped away. Probably the coolest part of my day. I' grateful to have the greatest fans in the world. Good to meet you Lucas. Thanks for being such a cool fan. #SkipGameStrong"

HBO's Ballers returns in July.

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