Without much time to mourn the loss of the Oakland location of Hawker Fare, chef-restaurateur James Syhabout just announced the upcoming opening of a new brewery project with partner Adam Lamoreaux, the founder of Oakland's Linden Street Brewery who split with the brewery in 2014. It's called Old Kan Beer & Co., with "Old Kan" being an anagram of Oakland, and it'll be taking up residence in the space recently vacated by Linden Street, next to Syhabout's restaurant The Dock at Linden Street, as Eater reports.

We learned about the collaboration between Syhabout and Lamoreaux last September, right as Syhabout announced that The Dock would be closing to make way for a new, even more casual concept which would encompass the footprint of both the brewery tasting room and the existing restaurant next door.

They now say that the food will be beer-focused and casual, with burgers and sausages and sandwiches, and they're hoping to have live music as well as retail sales for Old Kan beer. But it sounds like The Dock will still remain a thing, with the brewery just more an integrated part of it.

Above is the new logo for the company, which was designed by SF-based Gamut, and it appears to be a hand making an "OK" symbol? Syhabout says on Instagram, "Ian and Shawn came up with something that really symbolizes our story, our personalities and our product. This image will bug you a bit as it did for me but it will all make sense."

Look for Old Kan Beer & Co. to debut sometime this year.

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