Put aside your complaints regrading vertical video (after all, the New York Times' estimable tech columnist says such gripes are "on the wrong side of history") and prepare to be mildly hypnotized by this video tweeted Thursday by the Port of San Francisco that shows this week's strong tide taking over a city street.

We've talked about King Tides before, those especially high tides that occur a couple of times each winter due to an alignment of the sun and moon's gravity with the tilt of the earth. This week's might have felt especially dramatic, given the accompanying stormy weather, and even attracted so-called "King Tide groupies," who the Chron reports gathered along the Embarcadero "like they always do when king tides send water spilling onto the pathway between the Ferry Building and the Bay Bridge."

In the case of this video, the tide spurted out of a register on the Embarcadero, our own little Old Faithful (which, did you know, erupted snow this winter? Totally not a sign of end times, not at all). Enjoy the video, for we're done with this round of King Tides, says CBS 5: The surf was expected to be the "highest during the mid- and late-morning hours on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday," with things predicted to return to normal levels by the weekend.

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