A disabled train in West Oakland halted BART service for about an hour, the transit agency announced Friday morning at the height of the commute.

"There is a major delay system wide in all directions due to a disabled train at West Oakland. Please seek alternate means of transportation until further notice," read the alert sent by the transit agency at 8:03 a.m. Friday.

According to BART, the train conked out at 7:45 a.m. Friday, when, per the Chron, "BART workers said it was locked up for some unknown reason." (Not "locked up" as with a lock and key, one should assume, but in the colloquial sense meaning "unable to move.")

BART workers initially "thought the train could be returned to the station and taken out of service, but they could not move the train," CBS 5 reports.

KRON 4 reported that 'while trains are going into the East Bay, the system is at a standstill with no trains going from the East Bay to San Francisco."

According to the SF Business Times, BART managed to move the train by 8:40. But through service has resumed, "numerous delays and packed trains have slowed the commute into San Francisco."

Here we go! #bart back up after a system wide shut down

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