Daisy will have something to celebrate this week, even after an exhaustingly awful 49ers season: Rumor has it that the York family sat down to make some decisions about how to address the disaster on their hands, and Trent Baalke is apparently out. CBS 5 reports on the news, saying that head coach Chip Kelly is likely also losing his job. This was Baalke's 12th season as general manager of the team.

ESPN confirms the rumor via their own sources, saying "Meetings are expected to occur as early as postgame Sunday -- San Francisco hosts the Seahawks at 4:25 p.m. ET -- and no later than Monday to determine [Baalke and Kelly's] ultimate fates."

And CSN Bay Area says that Baalke himself has confirmed the firing.

As SFBay notes, Baalke has taken responsibility for the downward trajectory of the team. Back in November, after the team's eighth consecutive loss, he said, "If people want to push blame, find it, look right here, because I’m given everything I need to be successful in the job I’m doing. Period."

CBS 5 reports that Sunday's game could be quarterback Colin Kaepernick's last with the team as well, just as he just took home a team award for most courageous play.

The 49ers are expected to lose their game against the Seattle Seahawks today, but anything's possible. (Not really.)