Oh so funny. The AI takeover of the universe is still a ways off, and as proof, please observe what happens when Amazon's Echo mishears a child and Alexa turns arbitrarily filthy without skipping a beat — or knowing her audience. New York Mag's Select All blog picked up the video above, noting that the video was shot on Christmas shortly after the opening of an Amazon Echo Dot, which presumably was a gift for one of the parents, and not the boy trying to talk to it for the first time.

The boy asks Alexa for a song called "Digger Digger," which may or may not exist, and the best she can come up with was this "Comedy Ringtones Vol. 2" from Spotify, which under the artist name has a series of x-rated keywords instead which include "cock," "pussy" and "anal dildo" which she begins rattling off until the parents freak out and tell her to stop.

Bizarrely, and probably because the ringtones section of Spotify's library hasn't had a ton of careful editing or curation from the staff, the "By" field reads "No. 1 Funny Ringtones for Android Best New Annoying Comedy Parody Alerts Alarms Message Tones Tone Alert & Messages — Porn Detected! (Porno Ringtone Hot Chick Amateur Girl Calling Sexy Fuck Cunt Shit Sex Cock Pussy Anal Dildo Ringtones for Android." Why anyone would be searching for such ringtones or searching for porn terms on Spotify — well I guess I won't question it.

Anyway, careful letting kids search for whatever they want using a robot!