The CEO of Popsons Burgers is venting on Facebook today after he says two thieves broke into his restaurant and made off with the safe. Alvin Garcia wrote of the crime yesterday, and detailed what was taken. Interestingly, he also identified the two men allegedly responsible for the break-in.

"When you're an a@&hole, you break into restaurants and steal stuff," wrote Garcia. "Henry Flores and Rudy Villalta broke into Popsons and stole a safe, filled with all types of goodies including cash and computers as well as staff tips."

It is not immediately clear how Garcia identified the men so quickly, although one commenter on Garcia's post wondered if the two might be former employees.

Popsons, which makes one of the best burgers in the city, has two locations: 998 Market Street and 330 Townsend Street. It was not immediately clear which location was burglarized.

Garcia, for his part, is hoping the two men will be caught quickly. "Hopefully the good folks at the SFPD can catch these jerks and put them away, if not karma surely will[.]"

A spate of restaurant and bar robberies made the news earlier this year when three men were accused of holding up 23 different spots around the Bay Area. The men were arrested in April after attempting to rob the same bar for the third time.

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