The SF Poster Syndicate, which is an organization of current and former SF Art Institute students and faculty, was out in Clarion Alley Friday giving out free political posters they've created ahead of the inauguration of Donald Trump. The group "grew out of the crisis around higher education — student debt and the abuse of adjunct faculty," as they explain on their Tumblr, and "We are here to bring art and design to many different people's movements in hopes that their message can be heard and seen more loudly."

The posters include the one above suggesting we all "Get off Twitter and come out in the street on January 20, 2017," and others shown below, including one about Trump's empty talk about creating jobs, a "fake populist message with [the] lowest unemployment rate since 2007."

The posters are appearing the same day as a new mural depicting Trump is being added to the alley with the message "cultivating resistance" below it.

It's still sunny out. Head over there and check it out, and maybe grab a poster.