If you're a regular Hermione Granger when it comes to factoids about the Harry Potter series, you won't want to miss this: The Swedish American Hall, as close as it gets to the Three Broomsticks in San Francisco, will host a Harry Potter trivia night on February 11. It's the second incarnation of what the Chronicle recalled as a smashing success the first time it occurred, in June.

The show comes from Harry Potter Trivia, a traveling group who appears to have had their last contest in Seattle this past week. In addition to themed beverages — butter beer cocktails will be flowing, naturally — Harry Potter Trivia is known for its novelty drinking rules. Don't mention "he who must not be named," for instance. Tickets for both early (6:30 p.m.) and late (9 p.m.) shows are available and are $10 each.

If the existence of this traveling trivia troupe is any indication, there's an ample market for pub trivia nights limited to Harry Potter questions, so get on those tickets quickly. Maybe this popularity shouldn't come as a surprise: Harry Potter often seems to be the only series of books millennials have ever read. But don't worry, there's hope. The last time around, at least, the prizes were gift cards to Green Apple Books.

Sorry, I guess I can be a bit of a Slytherin. Voldemort.

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