Even if you don't know his name, you've likely seen his work. Jeremy Novy's stencils of spotted koi fish dot San Francisco sidewalks, and the queer artist's work has become synonymous with SF's leather scene in addition to adorning the exterior of the soon-to-be-relocated Stud. Yesterday the artist posted to Facebook photos of what appears to be a large reproduction of his work, but as Broke-Ass Stuart reports, things are not what they seem.

"It appears the new condo building that is threatening the existence of the Stud bar has placed my art in there [sic] lobby unknown to me," Novy wrote on Facebook.

That's right, the developers of the L Seven condos reproduced Novy's work on their lobby walls without his knowledge or permission. To add insult to injury, Novy points out that this unapproved reproduction was done in the building immediately next door to the Stud.

In a screenshot of a Facebook post attributed to L Seven, the developer says it hired a photographer to take photos of street art and then worked those pictures into a mural without realizing "that the photograph was capturing the creation of another local artist." Which, sure, maybe the boot print stencil L Seven ripped off just appeared there by itself and no local artist was involved? An easy mistake to make.

"No Hate To Other Artist," Novy told Broke-Ass when reached for comment. "Just feel it needs to be represented better with the meaning behind the two guys kissing boot prints out of repsect [sic] for the change in South of Market from the leather days to now over-priced condos."

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