In a concept that sounds more like an improv sketch than an honest-to-god business plan, the Richmond District is, we gather, getting an EDM-themed tea bar which we are going to just go ahead and assume is the first of its kind.

Richmond District Blog scoped the sign on the door of 1014 Clement Street (at 11th Ave) which announced Gosu to the world, "an EDM themed Tea Bar, with Asian American Snack and Dessert Fusion Specialties." The space is the former home of Wu's Healing Center.

"Gosu," the sign goes on to explain, means "expert, highly skilled, exception, and master at that craft" in several dialects. "We were inspired by the Mantra of PLUR," the sign adds, "which stand for Peace, Love, Unity, and Respect." Look for an early January opening, it says, echoing a website created for Gosu.

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Eater spoke with proprietor and EDM-fan Joey Tran, who it will surprise no one to learn is a 22-year-old. Along with boba tea and other drinks at the shop, which is under construction and still getting permits in order, expect treats like "frushi," Tran says. Eater helpfully explains that's fruit sushi made with coconut sticky rice.

Says Tran: “I started crafting my own boba drinks almost two years ago. Back before the first boba place opened — not Quickly, that’s basic — I was there and I loved it.”

That said, Tran knows how fickle Millennials can be, and he's prepared to pivot. "Boba can be popular now, but in a couple years be gone, so every year my items will change because people get bored of things,” he told Eater. Tran also wants to deck out the 1,000-square-foot dining and kitchen space with a small gaming area — Super Mario Kart and Super Smash Brothers, et al.

Tran also explained the PLUR concept a bit to Eater: “It’s not about drugs or anything like that. You know how you go into a bar and see people fighting sometimes because they’re drunk,” he said. “But you don’t see that at a rave because we believe in the concept of PLUR. That’s why I incorporated that.” I mean, sure, but honestly, I just re-read all of this, and I feel a lot like I'm on drugs.

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